Let's get to know each other

My name is Max, I'm front-end developer and web designer from Ukraine. I develop interfaces and implement some bold ideas of designers, turns into a code sophisticated layouts. Sometimes these are my own. I achieve maximum compliance with the layout as much as allow technologies — that's for "good browsers". For other, if it's necessary, I make simple versions or separate sets of styles and scripts. I love the bold but at the same time effective solutions.

I use the best practices in web development, familiar with most of the trends, methods and design principles, and what is not familiar with - I would eagerly learn.

In this blog I'll talk about...

...web development in general and client side in particular: html/css dev, creating some useful plugins, optimization, participation in projects with open source.

And what about kittens?

Yep, kittens are always welcome here, besides this blog proudly hosted by one awesome Octocat.

keep calm and say meow

And finally

Some details about content styling you can find in post Lorem ipsum, this mega-post include description of available elements with code snippets of usage. Or you can check demo of this theme with related posts about content styling.

You can find source code of this blog right in this Github repository.